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WWW.DIKPR.ORG – Another Chinese Domain Name Scam

June 16, 2011

Tweet Same domain registration scam but with a brand new name – DIKPR. Not sure if it’s pronounced Dick- PR or Dickpurrr. Anyway, Andy Hua is the scammer, uh, I mean,”Senior Consultant” that will be handing this most urgent matter. Below is the original email: (If you are NOT President,please forward this to your President, […] – Chinese Domain Name Scam

October 20, 2010

Tweet I assume these must be one company and they constantly change their company name and URL because they keep getting outed. If this is your first time getting one of these, there is no one trying to register the Chinese version of your domain. It’s all a ruse to extort money. Millions of these […]

Domain Scam – Link Net Service Company,, and

October 6, 2010

Tweet This is getting tiresome. Another variation of the Chinese domain scam. The exclamation point abuse in the first sentence and cheesey web 2.0 reflective logo is just icing on the cake. Once again, what makes this a scam is no one is trying register the Chinese version of my domain name. It’s all a […] Scam – Syu Network is a Chinese Domain Registration Scam

October 4, 2010

Tweet They just keep coming. This one’s from Syu Network, yet another front to steal your money with a fabricated shakedown involving imaginary threats to your domain name. Below is the email: (If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward to the right person/ department, as this is urgent, […] is a Scam – Rip Off Warning

September 5, 2010

Tweet They just keep coming. Yet another Chinese domain name scam. As long as they keep scamming, I’ll keep outing them. This ones particularly funny because the domain in question is my fatherhood blog. Sure, everyone wants to register that useless domain name! Below is the original email: Dear Manager, We are a Network Service […] – Yet Another Chinese Domain Registration Scam

September 1, 2010

Tweet Oh, will they ever stop. It’s like a game of Whack-a-Mole with these scam outfits. Knock one down and another pops up. In case you don’t know how it works, there is no one trying to register the Chinese suffix of my domain. It’s a scare tactic to get me to buy some useless, […]

SK Net Service Company Limited is a Scam

July 18, 2010

Tweet The Internet is a Breeding Ground for Spammers, Scammers and Sociopaths Another variation of the Chinese domain registration scam. Pretty much anyone who owns a domain gets these eventually. What’s the scam? There is no one trying to buy these variations of your domain. It’s made up. The idea is to scare you into […]

Domain Services Search Engine Submission and Registration Scam

March 28, 2010

Tweet Death is Too Good for These Scammers This scam is really basic. They use the fear of not performing well in search engines to dupe you into thinking that you are already enrolled with this “service” and that failing to renew will hurt your online presence. The fraud works on two levels: 1. Trick […]

The Domain Registry of America Scam

February 21, 2010

Tweet Want an Example of Everything That Is Wrong in This World? Domain Registry of America Does Us the Honors. This scam is very basic. Domain Registry of America sends out millions of these domain expiration notices. The trouble is, if you receive one, your domain isn’t registered with them. Back in the early 2000’s […]

The Link Exchange Extortionist – Just Add My Link or Not, But Don’t Threaten Me Biotch!

February 10, 2010

Tweet Normally these requests go straight to my trash. I’m also not one to publically call someone out. But this one was particularly galling for three reasons. 1. The link extortion, uh, I mean request. 2. The page they are offering links on already has 189 links on it, has a PageRank of zero and […]