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Why Dot-Com Domain Names are Better – Choosing The Best Domain Suffix

January 27, 2010

Tweet What’s So Special About a Dot-Com Name? All That Matters is That The Name is Good, Right? So is a dot-com better than all the other dots? Short answer, yes. This is because the web is a dot-com universe. When people think of the web they automatically think “dot-com”. It wasn’t called the “Internet […]

The Keyword Domain Trap – Avoid Generic Domain Names, Pick Something Unique and Brandable

January 22, 2010

Tweet Is a good domain name? How about Or what about The market place seems to think these are valuable. sold for 1.3 million. But is it? Are any of these really brands? Has anyone ever said to you “Dude you gotta check out, it rocks!” or “I just love […]