My Rules

1. I don’t care if you trash me. As long as it’s a coherent comment and not full of hate (my judgment call) it stays.

2. I use “dofollow” on my comments. If you contribute to my blog by posting a useful comment then you deserve a little link love. If you’re a comment spammer then you better put some effort into it and write something brilliant and your outbound link better be relevant or it will be deleted. Not only will I delete it, I will flag is a spam and your information will be entered into Akismet’s database of known spammers. In other words, if you’re a spammer don’t even bother. You know who you are.

3. Bullshit comments will be deleted.

4. If you put me on your blog roll, I’ll put you on mine. Just email me and let me know you did it.

5. Play nice and don’t call people names.

Page last updated on July 29, 2011 at 11:15 am