Don't Pick a Stupid, Lame Ass, Over-Hyphenated Generic Domain Name. Have Some Pride and Pick a Name That's Original, Interesting and Hopefully Your Brand Name.

Why Dot-Com Domain Names are Better – Choosing The Best Domain Suffix

January 27, 2010

Tweet What’s So Special About a Dot-Com Name? All That Matters is That The Name is Good, Right? So is a dot-com better than all the other dots? Short answer, yes. This is because the web is a dot-com universe. When people think of the web they automatically think “dot-com”. It wasn’t called the “Internet […]

The Fake Google PR Link Exchange Scam

January 24, 2010

Tweet Beware of People Hawking Links Exchanges for Their High PR Websites If you have any decent PR websites you’re bound to get one of these someday. The requests all follow the same pattern. The person claims to have a high PR (PageRank) site, usually PR5 ,and they want to do a link exchange with […]

The Keyword Domain Trap – Avoid Generic Domain Names, Pick Something Unique and Brandable

January 22, 2010

Tweet Is a good domain name? How about Or what about The market place seems to think these are valuable. sold for 1.3 million. But is it? Are any of these really brands? Has anyone ever said to you “Dude you gotta check out, it rocks!” or “I just love […]


January 21, 2010

Tweet Here’s the situation. I actually do own and would be most interested in buying the dot com version. Over the course of  a month or so I received a series of these TRADERDOMAINS.NET emails. Curious, I clicked on the last email to see what the deal was. I was going to buy the […]

The Chinese Domain Name Registration Scam

January 21, 2010

Tweet You only get these if you have a domain. It’s really simple. There is no Peter Lee. Nobody is interested in registering the Chinese version of your domain. It’s all a ruse. They just want to scare you into overpaying for a useless .cn version of your domain. Here’s a sample email: Dear Sir […]

Google Picks Wrong Domain Name for Company and Fails – Sold to Yahoo for 1.5 Million

January 14, 2010

Tweet Dateline: 1:35 pm, September 14th, 1997 Two young entrepreneurs are discussing their plans. Larry: “What should we call our search engine?” Sergey: “I like Google. It’s a play on googol. Clever, huh?” Larry: “Yes, but it’s not very descriptive and I think if we use lots of keywords in our domain, it will do […]