The Domain Registry of America Scam

February 21st, 201012:44 pm @


Want an Example of Everything That Is Wrong in This World? Domain Registry of America Does Us the Honors.

This scam is very basic. Domain Registry of America sends out millions of these domain expiration notices. The trouble is, if you receive one, your domain isn’t registered with them. Back in the early 2000’s they used to send out notices that looked exactly like a bill. It was only by reading the fine print on the back did you learn that they were in fact NOT your domain registrar and by paying the “bill” you were actually authorizing to transfer your domain to them. To add insult to injury, the new fees were usually double the cost of what you were paying at your current registrar.

This scam was so blatantly deceptive that in December 2003 the FTC slapped their wrist and they were forced to give a token amount of refunds and tweak their advertising a bit. In my opinion they should of had their corporate charter revoked and the CEO thrown in jail. Of course, this is America, so no such thing happened.

So here’s what their notices look like now. Hardly and improvement. If you get one of these, please just recycle it.

Domain Registry of America Scam Sample Letter

So this is the new and improved Domain Registry of America scam letter. They fiddled with the wording a bit, but it's still the same goal: to trick you into tranfering your domain to them at the outrageous price of $30 per year. That's even more than the scumball predators over at Network Solutions!

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