The Link Exchange Extortionist – Just Add My Link or Not, But Don’t Threaten Me Biotch!

February 10th, 20106:23 pm @


Normally these requests go straight to my trash. I’m also not one to publically call someone out. But this one was particularly galling for three reasons.

1. The link extortion, uh, I mean request.

2. The page they are offering links on already has 189 links on it, has a PageRank of zero and the Title tag is “New Page1”. So much for the page being “popular”.

3. Their website is just a complete disaster and they don’t have an about page or any information that would let me know who is behind this organization. Very sketchy.

If you get one of these, don’t waste your time. Anyone who puts a link to you on their site and then threatens to remove it if you don’t reciprocate is not a person you want to do business with.

Here’s the original email:

Good Day,

I am the Webmaster of and have a popular links page at I am emailing to let you know that I have added your link to my links page under your appropriate category. This link will be listed for only 7 days unless you add a reciprocal link back to my site.

Here is my link information:

AB Internet Solutions: Miami Web Design | Internet Solutions | Web Design Florida

AB Internet Solutions is a Miami based web design firm – We Use the latest technology to provide innovative solutions in design and marketing and database management and e-commerce to equip companies to do business on the Internet. Web site designers providing e-commerce, search engine optimization, web design and Flash solutions. Miami web design, e-commerce, website, SEO and SEM in Florida.

Thank you in advance for adding our link to your website.


Webmaster Mike

Here’s what the links page looks like:

Example of long ugly links page

This ugly PR0 links page already has 189 links on it. Not impressed.

My link is number 111:

I'm number 111 on a PR 0 link page with 189 links on it. However he'll remove it if I don't give him a link from my PR4 website in return. Oooh, I'm scared.

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