Why Dot-Com Domain Names are Better – Choosing The Best Domain Suffix

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What’s So Special About a Dot-Com Name? All That Matters is That The Name is Good, Right?

So is a dot-com better than all the other dots? Short answer, yes. This is because the web is a dot-com universe. When people think of the web they automatically think “dot-com”. It wasn’t called the “Internet Company Bubble Crash”  or the ” Online Business Bubble Crash” it was called the “Dot-Com Bubble Crash”. Think of every major player on the web, see any dot-nets? How about dot-biz? The occasional dot-org, yes, but overwhelmingly it’s a dot-com world.

It’s easier to match people’s perceptions than to change them. To the public it’s assumed that ALL domains end in dot-com unless you specifically tell them otherwise. If you don’t have a dot-com, it forces you to emphasize the suffix part of your domain instead of the name itself when marketing. Not a good branding strategy.

So how bad can it be? If you don’t have a dot-com suffix, this is how your marketing pitches will go:

“Go check out my website. It has everything you’re looking for.”

“Wow! So what the address?”

“It’s www.veryhelpfulwebsite.BIZ.”

“Very helpful website…got it.”

“Don’t forget the dot-biz”

“Dot what?”

“Dot biz. If you just type in veryhelpfulwebsite without the biz it will take you to the dot-com version which is a totally different website. In fact, it’s not even a real website. It’s being squatted by some asshole who’s filled the page with AdWords hoping to make a few bucks. I tried to buy it but he won’t sell it to me.”

“Dude, then why did you get veryhelpfulwebsite.biz?”

“Well it’s a really good name with great keywords but unfortunately the dot-net, dot-org, and dot-info versions were already taken.”

“So instead of just picking a different name that has a dot-com, you’re going to spend the rest of your life explaining to people that they must remember the dot-biz part or they’ll go to some bullshit spam site.”

“Umm, yeah.”

Make Your Online Life Easier

This doesn’t have to be your destiny. Make your life easier. Try hard to get a dot-com. Your browser defaults to the dot-com option if you leave off the suffix, it feels more real, and everyone just assumes a dot-com suffix unless you tell them otherwise.

And once you get the dot-com, grab the dot-net and dot-org versions as well. This helps protect your dot com brand from squatters and wannabes.

Good luck.

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